I do not know much about computers, I have said this all before. While I have heard of virtual memory, I cannot tell you it’s purpose on your computer. So I am digging in to find all of that out!


Virtual Memory allows us to run more applications on the system than we have enough physical memory to support.

  • it is a stimulated memory that is written to a file on a hard drive, often called a page file or file swap.
  • it is used by operating systems to simulate physical RAM by using hard disk space.

With Virtual Memory we can also use a process called swapping. This is the process of moving data from RAM to disk and back again. The Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) is in charge of swapping data between physical memory and the hard disk.

  • when there is no more space in the RAM, the VMM will take the application that hasn’t been used for the longest period of time and place it in the page file on the hard drive
  • Then it will take the the application currently being accessed back to the physical RAM.
    • The process of taking an application from the physical RAM and putting it in the page file is called paging out. The process of moving the application from the page file back into physical RAM is called paging in.


I got all this information from:


I found the site extermely helpful in expalining all of this to me.

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